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F:\Gary Moore[1976-Colosseum 2-Strange New Flesh]\
[Gary Moore]01-Dark Side Of The Moog.mp3
[Gary Moore]02-Down To You.mp3
[Gary Moore]03-Gemini And Leo.mp3
[Gary Moore]04-Secret Places.mp3
[Gary Moore]05-On Second Thoughts.mp3
[Gary Moore]06-Winds.mp3
F:\Gary Moore[1977-Colosseum 2-War Dance]\
[Gary Moore]01-War Dance.mp3
[Gary Moore]02-Major Keys.mp3
[Gary Moore]03-Put It That Way.mp3
[Gary Moore]04-Castles.mp3
[Gary Moore]05-Fighting Talk.mp3
[Gary Moore]06-The Inquisition.mp3
[Gary Moore]07-Star Maiden-Mysterio-Quasar.mp3
[Gary Moore]08-Last Exit.mp3
F:\Gary Moore[1979-G Force]\
[Gary Moore]01-You.mp3
[Gary Moore]02-White Knuckles/Rockin' & Rollin'.mp3
[Gary Moore]03-She's Got You.mp3
[Gary Moore]04-I Look At You.mp3
[Gary Moore]05-Because Of Your Love.mp3
[Gary Moore]06-You Kissed Me Sweetly.mp3
[Gary Moore]07-Hot Gossip.mp3
[Gary Moore]08-The Woman In Love.mp3
[Gary Moore]09-Dancin'.mp3
F:\Gary Moore[1982-Corridors of power]\
01 - Don't Take Me for a Loser.mp3
02 - Always Gonna Love You.mp3
03 - Wishing Well.mp3
04 - Gonna Break My Heart Again.mp3
05 - Falling in Love with You.mp3
06 - End of the World.mp3
07 - Rockin' Every Night.mp3
08 - Cold Hearted.mp3
09 - I Can't Wait until Tommorrow.mp3
F:\Gary Moore[1983-Live At The Marquee]\
[Gary Moore]01-Back On The Streets.mp3
[Gary Moore]02-Run To Your Mama.mp3
[Gary Moore]03-Dancin'.mp3
[Gary Moore]04-She's Got You.mp3
[Gary Moore]05-Parisienne Walkways.mp3
[Gary Moore]06-You.mp3
[Gary Moore]07-Nuclear Attack.mp3
[Gary Moore]08-Dallas Warhead(Tommy Aldridge Drum Solo).mp3
F:\Gary Moore[1983-Victim Of The Future]\
[Gary Moore]01-Victim Of The Future.mp3
[Gary Moore]02-Teenage Idol.mp3
[Gary Moore]03-Shapes Of Things To Come.mp3
[Gary Moore]04-Empty Rooms.mp3
[Gary Moore]05-Murder In The Skies.mp3
[Gary Moore]06-All I Want.mp3
[Gary Moore]07-Hold On To Love.mp3
[Gary Moore]08-The Law Of The Jungle.mp3
F:\Gary Moore[1989-After The War]\
[Gary Moore]01-Dunluce(Part 1).mp3
[Gary Moore]02-After The War.mp3
[Gary Moore]03-Speak For Yourself.mp3
[Gary Moore]04-Livin' On Dreams.mp3
[Gary Moore]05-Led Clones.MP3
[Gary Moore]06-Messiah Will Come Again.mp3
[Gary Moore]07-Running From The Storm.mp3
[Gary Moore]08-This Thing Called Love.mp3
[Gary Moore]09-Ready For Love.mp3
[Gary Moore]10-Blood Of Emeralds.mp3
[Gary Moore]11-Dunluce(Part 2).MP3
F:\Gary Moore[1990-Still Got The Blues]\
[Gary Moore]01-Moving On.mp3
[Gary Moore]02-Oh Pretty Woman.mp3
[Gary Moore]03-Walking By Myself.mp3
[Gary Moore]04-Still Got The Blues.mp3
[Gary Moore]05-Texas Strut.mp3
[Gary Moore]06-Too Tired.mp3
[Gary Moore]07-King Of The Blues.mp3
[Gary Moore]08-As The Years Go Passing By.mp3
[Gary Moore]09-Midnight Blues.mp3
[Gary Moore]10-That Kind Of Woman.mp3
[Gary Moore]11-All Your Love.mp3
[Gary Moore]12-Stop Messin' Around.mp3
F:\Gary Moore[1992-After Hours]\
[Gary Moore]01-Cold Day In Hell.mp3
[Gary Moore]02-Don't You Lie To Me(I Get Evil).mp3
[Gary Moore]03-Story Of The Blues.mp3
[Gary Moore]04-Since I Met You Baby.mp3
[Gary Moore]05-Separate Ways.mp3
[Gary Moore]06-Only Fool In Town.mp3
[Gary Moore]07-Key To Love.mp3
[Gary Moore]08-Jumpin' At Shadows.mp3
[Gary Moore]09-The Blues Is Alright.mp3
[Gary Moore]10-The Hurt Inside.mp3
[Gary Moore]11-Nothin's The Same.mp3
F:\Gary Moore[1997-Dark Days In Paradise]\
[Gary Moore]01-One Good Reason.mp3
[Gary Moore]02-Cold Wind Blows.mp3
[Gary Moore]03-I Have Found My Love In You.mp3
[Gary Moore]04-One Fine Day.mp3
[Gary Moore]05-Like Angels.mp3
[Gary Moore]06-What Are We Here For.mp3
[Gary Moore]07-Always There For You.mp3
[Gary Moore]08-Afraid Of Tomorrow.mp3
[Gary Moore]09-Where Did We Go Wrong.mp3
[Gary Moore]10-Business As Usual.mp3
[Gary Moore]11-Dark Day In Paradise.mp3
F:\Gary Moore[1999-A Diferent Beat]\
[Gary Moore]01-Go On Home.mp3
[Gary Moore]02-Lost In Your Love.mp3
[Gary Moore]03-Worry No More.mp3
[Gary Moore]04-Fire.mp3
[Gary Moore]05-Surrender.mp3
[Gary Moore]06-House Full Of Blues.mp3
[Gary Moore]07-Bring My Baby Back.mp3
[Gary Moore]08-Can't Help Myself.mp3
[Gary Moore]09-Fatboy.mp3
[Gary Moore]10-We Want Love.mp3
[Gary Moore]11-Can't Help Myself(E-Z Rollers Remix).mp3
F:\Gary Moore[2001-Back To The Blues]\
[Gary Moore]01-Enough Of The Blues.mp3
[Gary Moore]02-You Upset Me Baby.mp3
[Gary Moore]03-Cold Black Night.mp3
[Gary Moore]04-Stormy Monday.mp3
[Gary Moore]05-I Ain't Got You.mp3
[Gary Moore]06-Picture Of The Moon.mp3
[Gary Moore]07-Looking Back.mp3
[Gary Moore]08-The Prophet.mp3
[Gary Moore]09-How Many Lies.mp3
[Gary Moore]10-Drowning In Tears.mp3
F:\Gary Moore[Back On The Streets]\
[Gary Moore]01-Back On The Streets.mp3
[Gary Moore]02-Don't Believe A Word.mp3
[Gary Moore]03-Fanatical Fascists.mp3
[Gary Moore]04-Flight Of The Snow Moose.mp3
[Gary Moore]05-Hurricane.mp3
[Gary Moore]06-Song For Donna.mp3
[Gary Moore]07-What Would You Rather Bee Or A Wasp.mp3
[Gary Moore]08-Parisienne Walkways.mp3


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