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Bassday-(98 New York)01-Micheal Manring-Sugar.mp3
Bassday-(98 New York)02-Francis Rocco Frestia-I Don't Know T.mp3
Bassday-(98 New York)03-Victor Wooten-U Can't Hold No Groove.mp3
Bassday-(98 New York)04-Victor Wooten-Norwegian Wood.mp3
Bassday-(98 New York)05-Various Artist-Jam.mp3
F:\Gary Moore[Ballads & Blues 1982-1994]\
[Gary Moore]01-Always Gonna Love You.mp3
[Gary Moore]02-Still Got The Blues.mp3
[Gary Moore]03-Empty Rooms.mp3
[Gary Moore]04-Parisienne Walkways.mp3
[Gary Moore]05-One Day.mp3
[Gary Moore]06-Separate Ways.mp3
[Gary Moore]07-Story Of The Blues.mp3
[Gary Moore]08-Crying In The Shadows.mp3
[Gary Moore]09-With Love(Remember).mp3
[Gary Moore]10-Midnight Blues.mp3
[Gary Moore]11-Falling In Love With You.mp3
[Gary Moore]12-Jumpin' At Shadows.mp3
[Gary Moore]13-Blues For Narada.mp3
[Gary Moore]14-Johnny Boy.mp3
F:\Gary Moore[Blues Alive]\
[Gary Moore]01-Cold Day In Hell.mp3
[Gary Moore]02-Walking By Myself.mp3
[Gary Moore]03-Story Of The Blues.mp3
[Gary Moore]04-Oh Pretty Woman.mp3
[Gary Moore]05-Separate Ways.mp3
[Gary Moore]06-Too Tired.mp3
[Gary Moore]07-Still Got The Blues(For You).mp3
[Gary Moore]08-Since I Met You Baby.mp3
[Gary Moore]09-The Sky Is Crying.mp3
[Gary Moore]10-Further On Up The Road.mp3
[Gary Moore]11-King Of The Blues.mp3
[Gary Moore]12-Parisienne Walkways.mp3
[Gary Moore]13-Jumpin' At Shadows.mp3
F:\Gary Moore[Blues For Greeny]\
[Gary Moore]01-If You Be My Baby.mp3
[Gary Moore]02-Long Grey Mare.mp3
[Gary Moore]03-Merry Go Round.mp3
[Gary Moore]04-I Loved Another Woman.mp3
[Gary Moore]05-Need Your Love So Bad.mp3
[Gary Moore]06-The Same Way.mp3
[Gary Moore]07-The Supernatural.mp3
[Gary Moore]08-Driftin'.mp3
[Gary Moore]09-Showbiz Blues.mp3
[Gary Moore]10-Love That Burns.mp3
[Gary Moore]11-Looking For Somebody.mp3
F:\Gary Moore[Run For Cover]\
[Gary Moore]01-Run for Cover.mp3
[Gary Moore]02-Reach For The Sky.mp3
[Gary Moore]03-Military Man.mp3
[Gary Moore]04-Empty Rooms.mp3
[Gary Moore]05-Out Of My System.mp3
[Gary Moore]06-Out In The Fields.mp3
[Gary Moore]07-Nothing To Lose.mp3
[Gary Moore]08-Once In A Lifetime.mp3
[Gary Moore]09-All Messed Up.mp3
[Gary Moore]10-Listen To Your Heartbeat.mp3
F:\Gary Moore[The Collection]\
[Gary Moore]01-White Knuckles.MP3
[Gary Moore]02-Rockin' And Rollin'.MP3
[Gary Moore]03-You.MP3
[Gary Moore]04-She's Got You.MP3
[Gary Moore]05-Hiroshima.MP3
[Gary Moore]06-Dirty Fingers.MP3
[Gary Moore]07-Bad News.MP3
[Gary Moore]08-Run To Your Mama.MP3
[Gary Moore]09-Really Gonna Rock.MP3
[Gary Moore]10-Back On The Streets(Live).MP3
[Gary Moore]11-Parisienne Walkways(Live).MP3
[Gary Moore]12-Dancin'(Live).MP3
[Gary Moore]13-Nuclear Attack(Live).MP3
[Gary Moore]14-Dallas Warhead(Live).MP3
F:\Gary Moore[The Early Years]\
[Gary Moore]01-Out In The Fields.mp3
[Gary Moore]02-Miltary Man.mp3
[Gary Moore]03-Empty Rooms.mp3
[Gary Moore]04-Shapes Of Things.mp3
[Gary Moore]05-Rockin Every Night.mp3
[Gary Moore]06-Murder In The Skys.mp3
[Gary Moore]07-Victims Of The Future.mp3
[Gary Moore]08-Wishing Well.mp3
[Gary Moore]09-All Messed Up.mp3
[Gary Moore]10-End Of The World.mp3
F:\Gary Moore[We Want Moore]\
01 - Murder in the Skies .mp3
02 - Shapes of Things .mp3
03 - Victims of the Future .mp3
04 - Cold Hearted .mp3
05 - End of the World .mp3
06 - Back on the Streets.mp3
07 - So Far Away .mp3
08 - Empty Rooms .mp3
09 - Don't Take Me for a Loser .mp3
10 - Rockin' and Rollin' .mp3
F:\Gary Moore[Wild Frontier]\
[Gary Moore]01-Over The Hills & Far Away.mp3
[Gary Moore]02-Wild Frontier.mp3
[Gary Moore]03-Take A Little Time.mp3
[Gary Moore]04-The Loner.mp3
[Gary Moore]05-Wild Fontier(12 Inch Version).mp3
[Gary Moore]06-Friday On My Mind.mp3
[Gary Moore]07-Strangers In The Darkness.mp3
[Gary Moore]08-Thunder Rising.mp3
[Gary Moore]09-Johhny Boy.mp3
[Gary Moore]10-Over The Hills & Far Away(12 Inch Version).mp3
[Gary Moore]11-Crying In The Woods.mp3
F:\House of Lords\
F:\House of Lords\Demons down\
House of Lords - Demons down - 01 - O Father.mp3
House of Lords - Demons down - 02 - Demons Down.mp3
House of Lords - Demons down - 03 - What's forever For.mp3
House of Lords - Demons down - 04 - Talkin' 'bout Love.mp3
House of Lords - Demons down - 05 - Spirit of Love.mp3
House of Lords - Demons down - 06 - Down, Down, Down.mp3
House of Lords - Demons down - 07 - Metallic Blue.mp3
House of Lords - Demons down - 08 - Inside You.mp3
House of Lords - Demons down - 09 - Johnny's got a mind of h.mp3
House of Lords - Demons down - 10 - Can't fight Love.mp3
F:\House of Lords\Sahara\
House of Lords - Sahara - 01 - Shoot.mp3
House of Lords - Sahara - 02 - Chains of Love.mp3
House of Lords - Sahara - 03 - Can't find my way Home.mp3
House of Lords - Sahara - 04 - Heart on the Line.mp3
House of Lords - Sahara - 05 - Laydown Staydown.mp3
House of Lords - Sahara - 06 - Sahara.mp3
House of Lords - Sahara - 07 - It ain't Love.mp3
House of Lords - Sahara - 08 - Remember my Name.mp3
House of Lords - Sahara - 09 - American Babylon.mp3
House of Lords - Sahara - 10 - Kiss of Fire.mp3


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