Led Zeppelin First U.S.Tour : Fillmore West, 1969년 1월 11일 음악 (ALBUM)

첫 미국 투어에 있는 내용이며, 실제 투어는 1968년 12월 26일부터 시작이 되었다.
1969년 1월 11일 공연보다는 그 전부터 진행이 되었으며, 이 녹음본이 첫 미국 투어의 첫 녹음은 아니다.
그 전 자료가 있으며, 그것은 별도로 다시 정리를 해야겠다.

해당 글은 정말 날짜별로 정리가 잘 되어있는데,
여기 사이트에서 퍼온 내용이며, 너무 전문적이고 매니아적인 글이라...
관심 있는 사람은 들어가서 봐도 괜찮을 것 같다는 생각을 한다.

Taj Mahal opened the night, then Led Zeppelin took the stage prior to the headliners Country Joe & The Fish. Bill Graham intoduced all the acts. The show was married by guitar problems. The concert was aired On Q-107 (107.1 FM) on January 9th, 2009 on "The Legends Of Classic Rock - 40 Years Gone, The Fillmore West Performances" and was rebroadcasted January 17th, 2009. There are possibilities that this show might be recorded professionally as straight soundboard by Bill Graham crew and still lying in the archives.

Recording Includes: I Can't Quit You Baby (<< Don't Know Which Way To Go..), Dazed And Confused, You Shook Me, How Many More Times [ cut ], Communication Breakdown.
Source: Incomplete excellent soundboard recording. 43 minutes.

Details: The recording is a very good balanced professional board tape with vocals and drums up front. The original original tape or its low gen copy from which many bootlegs were made has bleed in the background here and there.

Bootleg CD Reference(s) soundboard: Anybody Got A Les Paul? (Equinox), Birth Of The Gods (Balboa Productions), Early Ramshackle Days (Beelzebub Records), Fillmore East Vol. 2 (Mud Dogs), Fillmore West 19690111 (Wendy Records), Fresh Garbage (Scorpio "new"), How Many More Years ~ The Legendary Fillmore Series - West Volume 5 (Empress Valley Supreme Disc), Psycho A GoGo! (Led Note), & Syonen Zep Zokango Tokubetsu Furoku (Akashic)

요 부분은, 해당 bootleg Cd에 대한 내용인데, 다양한 버전으로 돌아다닌 다는 것 같다.
하지만, hang about에 대한 내용은 역시나 없구만...

Comments: This is all that is known to exist of this show, and it is a shame ... this is great one! Robert is hoarse with a sore throat but his singing is still gutsy and the band is unreal, especially on Dazed And Confused. The group experienced some of equipment problems which caused the long delays between the songs so Robert leading to request the audience, "Has anybody got a Les Paul? Jeff who? Tell him to bring it here then!" As the band took the stage for the encore, Plant saying "I tell you what! This is the third night and we've decided that we're gonna come and live here, 'cos you're so nice! If we don't make it, then the police in England would rather we'd stay there!" Communication Breakdown has Plant substituting his "banshee-scream" before the solo with a lion's growl. This is also the earliest known live soundboard recording of Led Zeppelin and it's typical of the era, with the vocals and drums to the fore.

도대체 Fillmore West가 어딨나 찾아보기로 했다.

샌프란시스코 중심에 있는데...전에 미국 갔을 때 알았으면 방문해볼 것을 이라는 생각을 해본다.
같이 여행간 사람들하고 뜻이 맞아야지 가는거지..혼자서는 가기 힘들지.

여기가 필모어 웨스트 가계다. 아마도 가계에 들어가면 구경할 거리가 엄청나게 많을 것 같다.
역사적으로 보면, 엄청나게 많은 팀들이 다녀갔을 텐데 저런 곳을 가지고 있는 클럽이 있다는 것이 부럽다.

실내 공연장 모습이다.
사진들은 인터넷에서 가져온 것이며, 저작권에 문제가 되면 삭제할 것이다.


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