아...생소하다. 음악도 굉장히 묘하다.
처음 들을 때는 DEATH 메탈인지 알았다. 듣다보니 GOTHIC 인가? 아니면 FOLK METAL 인가? 싶을 정도로 묘하다.
지금에서야 FOLK METAL 연주하는 팀이 굉장히 많은데, 97년도에 이런 음악이라면
충분히 가치가 있다고 보여진다.
다만, 지금까지 ACTIVE라고 적혀는 있지만, 활동은 안하는 듯 싶어 아쉽기만 하다.

요 영상 답글에 보면, 경제적인 사정 때문에 99년도에 해체했다고 되어있네.


Break now through your deepest fear
And reward will be most disastrous awe
I eclipsed the sun and blind birds
Fell down to the ground like lead
I'll take al the human joy
Serve in submission...
Celebrate my darkened reign
A solemn shape will disguise the Phoebus god
I saw you dead
Like shreds of your unreal faith...
... and god
Alone as always
Taken from the ground my hate
In ecstacy and shame
The view shows me closer
To the end of god
Come back to the source of power
The darkest eye like the deepest well
Let bricks of my hate soak in virgin tears
I eclipsed your love and mercy
Setting back the clock to barbaric times
How horribly you smell now
Raise your god and kill each other

밴드에 대한 설명이 있는 WIKI의 정보다.

Sirrah (also spelled SIRRAH, or SIЯRAH, as on their logo) is a progressive gothic metal band from Southwestern Poland. They formed in 1992, released two albums, and disbanded in 1999 due to financial issues. Their music includes elements from death metal, doom metal, and later industrial metal. After their break up, Tom (vocals), Matt (death vocals, guitar), and Chris (keyboards) went on to form a progressive/avant-garde Industrial metal band called The Man Called TEA.[1] The band reunited in 2013 and immediately began recording new material, releasing a downloadable single on their new website.[2]

해체한 이유도 나와있고, 몇 명만 다시 나와서 THE MAN CALLED TEA 밴드를 만들었고,

2013년에 재결성했다는 내용만 있다.

이들의 음악을 프로그레시브 고딕 메탈이라고 멋진 음악 성향을 가지고 있다고 나왔네.


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