Side one
No.TitleLead vocalsLength
1."In the Flesh?"Waters3:16
2."The Thin Ice"Waters, Gilmour2:27
3."Another Brick in the Wall (Part 1)"Waters3:21
4."The Happiest Days of Our Lives"Waters1:46
5."Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)"Waters with Gilmour3:59
6."Mother"Waters, Gilmour5:32
Total length:20:21
Side two
No.TitleLead vocalsLength
1."Goodbye Blue Sky"Gilmour2:45
2."Empty Spaces"Waters2:10
3."Young Lust(writers: Waters, Gilmour)Gilmour3:25
4."One of My Turns"Waters3:41
5."Don't Leave Me Now"Waters4:08
6."Another Brick in the Wall (Part 3)"Waters1:48
7."Goodbye Cruel World"Waters1:18
Total length:19:15

이제 한 곡 올렸는데, 너무 많이 들었나 벌써...지겹
2번 곡은 THE THIN ICE 곡인데, 1번곡 뒤를 이어서 약간의 긴장감과 잔잔함이 같이 곁들여져 있다.

DAVID GILMOUR가 작곡에 참여를 하면, 일단 멜로디가 생각보다 감미롭다. 
블루스 기타리스트였던 데이빗 길모어는 부르스 감성이 핑크 플로이드 음반에서는 거의 느껴지지 않는다.


The song, which is two minutes and 30 seconds in length, begins with the sound of an infant crying. The main body of the song is a 50s progression, with time signature in 6/8, commonly heard in doo-wop songs such as "Stand by Me", progressing from C Major to A minor, then F Major to G Major, played softly on piano and synthesiser. 

INFANT CRYING의 시작은 전 곡인 IN THE FLESH? 마지막에서의 울음의 연장선이겠고, 6/8 박자 리듬또한 살짝 긴장감을 일으키는데 일조하는 박자라 생각한다. 코드는 C-Am-F-G 로써 평범하긴하다.

The first half of the lyrics are sung by David Gilmour in a gentle tone, beginning with "Mama loves her baby", and a refrain of "Ooh babe, ooh, baby blue". A bass guitar creates a dissonant effect mid-song, when it plays an F♯ against an A minor, the major sixth of the chord, and the augmented fourth of the key. 

이 부분에 대해서 다시 들어봐야겠다. Am 코드에 F#이라...
긴장감을 높이는데에는 부조화된 음의 배치가 제격인거지. 
다만 잘 사용해야 한다는 상황인거고...

Then Roger Waters takes over the lead vocal. The piano becomes staccato, as the lyric takes on a warning tone, with Waters singing "If you should go skating/On the thin ice of modern life...."

As the lyrics end, the diatonic sense of C Major is abandoned, as the melody heard earlier (E, D, F, E, and A) becomes stripped to a simple power chord riff, played loud by distorted guitars, with brief soloing. The song ends on a sustained C Major chord, but through crossfading with the next song on the album, "Another Brick in the Wall, Part 1", a D minor chord is interpolated, contributing to uneasiness intimated by the lyrics.[3][4]

이렇게까지 곡에 대해서 자세히 설명하는 곳이 사실 별루 없는데...


The Wall is the story of Pink, who grows up to become an alienated and embittered rock star, with a failing marriage and feelings of megalomania.[5] "The Thin Ice" can be seen as the introduction to his story, since the previous song, the album's opening track "In The Flesh?" is chronologically placed later in the album's narrative, and then the story is begun via flashback. "The Thin Ice" introduces Pink as a baby and young child, and while the lyrics assure the listener that "Mama loves her baby, and Daddy loves you, too", it warns that "[T]he sea may look warm... the sky may look blue", but "Don't be surprised when a crack in the ice/Appears under your feet".

록스타가 된 핑크의 이야기가 THE WALL이며, 결혼에 실패, 과대망상 증상에 시달리는 록스타 핑크이다.
어린시절로 돌아가서 추억을 회상하는 내용 정도

Film version
The film shows hundreds of soldiers in the war, either wounded or dead, then cuts to Pink floating in his hotel pool. As shown later in the film (in the segment for "One of My Turns"), Pink has cut his hand, and the amount of blood in the water is exaggerated, until he appears to be floating in a pool of blood.

The film version has an extended piano intro that plays before Gilmour's vocal.

그런데 필름버전에서는 저렇게 호텔 수영장에서 지난 기억에 몸부림치는 것으로 표현이 되어서 내용과 좀 상반된다.


이 여자 목소리 엄청 좋네...호소력이 너무 좋다.

위에서 얘기한 코드가 나왔는데, 이번에는 기타 레슨 비디오를 한편 봐보자.

2016년 8월 31일 LUCKY STRIKE LIVE인데, 사운드 죽이고 정말 잘한다.
보컬의 배치도 원곡과 흡사하다...굳!

이런 곡의 베이스는 듣고 있으면 참 좋다. 
부드럽고 깊은 베이스 소리가 사람을 편안하게 하는 매력이 있다.
그래서 내가 베이스를 좋아하는지도

검색하다가 오른쪽 위에 있길래 클릭해서 봄. 
PINK FLOYD BRASIL 이라고 되어있는데, COVER 전문 밴드인가보다. 


"The Thin Ice"

Momma loves her baby
And Daddy loves you too
And the sea may look warm to you, babe
And the sky may look blue

Ooh, babe
Ooh, baby blue
Ooh, babe

If you should go skating
On the thin ice of modern life
Dragging behind you the silent reproach
Of a million tear-stained eyes

Don't be surprised,
When a crack in the ice
Appears under your feet
You slip out of your depth and out of your mind
With your fear flowing out behind you
As you claw the thin ice


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