중학교 시절? 아니며 고등학교 시절?

한참 GUNS N ROSES의 위상이 날로 높아가고 있을 때였으니까.
1집이 밀리언 셀러를 기록하는 등. 
최고 였다. 

그 이후에 나온 음반은 사실 EP 개념으로 발행이 된 음반이었는데
그 음반 중에서 그닥 들을 노래가 많은 건 아니었는데, 
그 중에서도 이 노래가 나의 귀를 확 끌어댕겼고, 
그 이후에도 이 노래에 대한 애착은 꽤나 심해갔다.

20년이 지난 지금까지도 이 노래는 언제나 들으면
편안하고 기분이 좋아진다. 

1988년에 G N R LIES 앨범에 수록된 곡이다.

휘파람과 보컬의 멜로디와 어쿠스틱 기타의 감칠맛나는 연주가 참 좋다.
그리고, 뮤직비디오가 솔직히 한 몫을 한 것이라고 본다.

어쿠스틱 기타의 줄 튕길때의 강약에 의한 느낌 및 소리의 차이가 너무 좋다.
그냥 좋다.

이 곡의 원곡 감성을 내는 라이브는 아직까지 보지 못했다.
이 곡은 약간의 소품 개념으로 넣었다는 생각은 드나, 
조금 더 이 곡을 활발히 알렸으면 하는 개인적인 생각이 든다.

WIKIPEDIA에서 발췌한 내용이다.

"Patience" is a song by American hard rock band Guns N' Roses, which appears on the album G N' R Lies and was released as a single in 1989. The song peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.[2] The song is played using three acoustic guitars and was recorded in a single session by producer Mike Clink. A music video of the song was shot and appears on the band's music video DVD, Welcome to the Videos.

The motivation for the track is generally accepted to be the troublesome relationship between Axl Rose and his now ex-wife Erin Everly, though this was never stated in the album or interviews. According to bass guitarist Duff McKagan, "Axl came up with a great lyric, seemingly out of nowhere, that of course became the story and melody of that song."[3] It has also been stated by the band that Stradlin wrote the song about his ex-girlfriend Angela Nicoletti McCoy.[citation needed]

Steven Adler did not record on the track, although in some live performances prior to release of the album, such as their performance at the Orange County Fair in New York in the summer of 1988, percussion (and electric instruments) were used.

In the video, the band members are situated in a hotel where they are the only constant images, as all other people are present for a moment, then fade away. The video, directed by Nigel Dick, was one of many produced by the band. The video was filmed on Valentine's Day during 1989, some scenes being shot at the Record Plant. It was the last video in which Steven Adler appeared (even though he did not play on the recorded track) and the last before the Use Your Illusion videos. Mike Clink is also featured in the video, sitting at the mixing board. The video was shot in The Ambassador Hotel, famous because Bobby Kennedy was assassinated there in 1968. The hotel was inoperative and scheduled for demolition, but was not demolished until 2006.

요 커버곡이 훌륭하다. 
물론 원곡과 가장 비슷하기에 내가 그렇게 느끼는가보다. ㅋ

역시 MYLES KENNEDY 목소리 참 좋다.
ALTER BRIDGE 노래도 많이 아는건 아니지만, 몇 곡은 정말 좋아하는데
목소리가 참 매력있다고 느꼈는데, 이 곡하고 잘 어울리네. 


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